We are committed to furthering the commercial prospects of our region. The following items are being addressed :

  • We have discussed with the LXRA to hold a session in August to understand the latest on the major Rail Project which will start to affect us in a few months. LXRA have advised that :
    • all property purchases necessary for the Cheltenham project have been done
    • the design for the project is still being finalised – construction is expected to start in late 2018
    • trench digging is expected to start around mid year 2019
    • the project is anticipated to be 18 months duration from its start in late 2018
    • link to LXRA is
  • Implementing a means by which we can regularly meet with Kingston City Council to form a two way communications channe
  • developing plans to re-launch the Chamber after a quiet period – a function is being planned soon – details soon

If you have any ideas/issues you would like covered please contact us.